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Im an old man

I give knife one roson at a rhime

Animal Planet sucks because all of its shows are about two animals, cats and dogs. I dont care if a dog can fetch his masters mail or if a kitten is stuck in a toilet and gasping for air and somebody calls the fire department to rescue it! I want to see fucking tigers on animal planet. Thats why i hate the discovery channel now, it used to have shows about freakin lions n zebras and space and stephen hawking was cool! Now its all about rednecks, their bikes and people who build useless shit out of trash. Thats why they made animal planet but they totally fucked it up! i dont want to see dogs and cats, i have dogs and cats! I want to see freaking Hiyyenas tearing apart baby hippos! in fact i want a channel with nothing but tigers, i want to see tigers in space! I want to see tigers eating astronauts in space! Fuck animal planet and fuck the pet owners who go on animal planet! if i ever meet them, i will punch every one in the face. fuck dogs and fuck cats.

- Leo